Bill Self's Team

KU's 2005-2006 squad is wetter behind the ears than any in my memory. Who emerges as a leader from this mess of youth and talent will greatly determine how good this team ends up being. They could, I suspect, make the elite 8 if all goes well, or they could sneak into the NCAA's as a 10 seed. It's very tough to know. Bill Self thinks the coaches will have to play a greater role as leaders this year (reading between the lines, I think it's pretty clear that Self *tried to allow the veterans last year to lead, but that something got spoilt in the execution of that attempt):

"The concern is that before the season's over, the coaches won't have to be the leaders," said KU coach Bill Self. "The coaches will probably have to be the leaders more for this team than any team I've had, which is OK until somebody emerges."

It's a blank slate, a veritable tabula rasa for Self and Co., which gives them great power, and as Yoda would surely insist, great responsibility.

"The good thing with youth is they don't know any better," Self said. "I feel like the first time since I've been here there's no way they know how to do it, other than the way we do it. That could be a positive."

I think the always underestimated Christian Moody will play an important leadership role this year. JW is already impressed with him, calling Moody the hardest working guy in boot camp.