Sherron Collins gives his reasons for going to KU

At offices all across America yesterday, college basketball fans shook their heads in sort of zombie like fashion. For Jayhawk fans, this bizarre yet compulsive headshaking was mainly out of glee; for Illinois fans, out of disgust. But most of America's basketball fans were simply shaking their heads in disbelief. For all the talk of Pitino, Krzyzewski, Williams, or Calhoun, there may be no better recruiting coach in America than KU's Bill Self.

Whether it's starting late and sprinting away from the competition with top ten recruit Brandon Rush, or landing Julian Wright before he even had a chance to visit, Mr Self has the midas touch with recruits.

Legacy recruit Brady Morningstar notwithstanding, Self has grabbed five straight five star recruits, and is zeroing in on a sixth.

Sherron Collins, Self's latest acquisition, who committed on Sunday after experiencing the wonder of Late Early Night, opened up about some of his reasons for coming to KU yesterday:

"I just think it was a better fit for me," said Collins, rated the No. 2 point guard in the country by "In my situation, I think coach (Bill) Self will get me as good as I can get on the college level.

"The people there love basketball. I thought I fit in with the group of players. They are all young. We will all be young. I'm excited to be going there."

If the head shaking is any indication, KU fans are excited he's on his way.