Take it to the Bank: Weekend of Doom

$29.95 to watch the Jayhawks take on Colorado on Pay Per View? Think of the cold, hard cash you will save over flying or driving to the game, renting a car (if flying), buying tickets to the game, staying overnight in a Denver area hotel, etc. And your whole family can watch for one low price. Plus, if the offense fails to show up--again--you can turn it off and take in The Rock in the opening weekend of Doom. Yes, it will probably suck, but at least you would see something happening. Hey, fake action is better than no action.

Week 8's Games with IQ (i.e., Interest Quotient:*=it's a good day for carving a jack O' lantern;*****=USC @ ND redux).

1. KU +14.5 @ Colorado**(on PPV)

So Vegas is giving 2+ TD's to the best defense in the Big 12-a defense that has given up four TD's in three conference games, an average of 1.33 per game. No way Colorado scores more than 14 points against the Hawks' defense.

Ah, you say but what about KU's offense. How many points will it hand over to CU on a silver platter?

The Big M says that KU's offensive problems can and will be cured. I believe him. No way any group of offensive players in Division I can be as bad as the Jayhawks have been the past two weeks. Nevertheless, until they turn it around on the field, the smart money is on the offense to give away fourteen points and the D to wear down from spending 40 minutes on the field, thus allowing the opponent to cover the spread, no matter how ridiculous it appears at first glance. So, until the offense shows that it can play keep away with the football and score an occasional point, or until it plays Mizzou:


2. A&M -3.5 @ k-state**

Yes, k-state is every bit as pathetic as KU. Their defense is worse, their offense is not much better, and they are in the midst of a downward spiral that will not end anytime soon. What they do have, however, that KU has not yet had this season, is the home field for a conference game. Oh, and did I mention that A&M is so bad you could easily mistake them for a North Division team.


3. Okie St +15.5 @ Iowa St*

Speaking of pathetic, Okie St is so bad they should be in the Big 12's North Dakota Division. Their offense sucks. Their defense sucks. They are so bad. . .

"How bad are they?"

They are so bad they lost to Mizzou at home.

Really. I'm not kidding. I didn't make that up.


4. Nebraska +2.5 @ Mizzou***

Nebraska goes for its second road win in two weeks. If they can take out Baylor in Waco, what chance does Mizzou have in Columbia?


5. Texas Tech +16 @ Texas****

There is only one good team in the Big 12. There is only one good team in Texas. Yes, Tech is undefeated, but they needed a brain dead play by Nebraska and a last second TD pass to win in Lincoln, and they were one play-a fumble recovery in the end zone-from being one play from losing to KU in Lubbock. Heck, KU scored 17 points on Tech-including a legitimate TD drive.


6. Baylor +14.5 @ Oklahoma**

How OU scores 15 points against any team whose offense doesn't say, "Here, take the ball and score with it while our defense is on the sideline. We don't want it. We don't know what to do with it. . ." is beyond me.


7. Michigan +2.5 @ Iowa**1/2

Michigan is one of the toughest teams in the country to figure. They go from real good to real bad to mediocre from week to week. Last week, at home, they were real good and real lucky against Penn St. Expect the luck to balance out this weekend in Iowa City.


8. Northwestern +13 @ Michigan St***

Northwestern is a tough club to shake-well, except for Arizona St, which beat them 52-21. They won't win at Mich St, but they will hang around.


9. Purdue +7.5 @ Wisconsin**1/2

Madison is a tough place to break a four game losing streak.


10. Virginia +1 @ UNC**1/2

Virginia is 4-2, ranked No. 23, and just knocked Florida St from the ranks of the unbeaten. UNC is 2-3, unranked, and lost its most recent game to Louisville by 55. Yes, they played Wisconsin and Georgia Tech tough in two of their losses, UVA could suffer a letdown, and the Tar Heels are at home-so they might be worth considering as a home dog. But a favorite against a Top 25 team--anywhere?


11. Georgia Tech +16 @ Miami***

Georgia Tech is another erratic team, a la Michigan-though not as good. 16 is a lot of points, although Miami is hitting its stride. Tough call.


12. Tennessee +3.5 @ Alabama****1/2

Was Bama looking ahead last week to Tennessee, or looking back at Florida? This is a great test for the Crimson Tide and will determine whether they are a legitimate Top 5 team. QB experience is the difference.


13. Auburn +6.5 @ LSU****

LSU squeaks by again on the scoreboard.


14. BYU +19.5 @ Notre Dame**1/2

One of those great psychological dramas. How does ND respond to last week's heartbreaking loss to USC? Although they could have read it here in advance, when I wrote: "The Trojans get out alive, but not before a struggle comparable to that in the Iliad. "

Will the Irish have a let down or revisit all of their frustrations on BYU? My guess is that Charlie Weis will not allow the former.


15. Oregon St +10 @ UCLA***1/2

Oregon St is a respectable team, but when they lose, they don't fool around. Their two L's have been by 36 (to Louisville) and 18 (to Arizona St). This game will be a loss. On the SAT, you might project it to be by 9. Or 54. Or 72. 11 is sufficient.


Stuff the Buffs!