NABC College Basketball Experience in Kansas City

The NABC luncheon promoting the "Basketball Experience" museum was in Kansas City, and from the looks of it, it will be a great addition to downtown Kansas City. It will be a lot of fun for basketball fans and their families and it will make KC a virtual lock for NCAA tournament hosting every year. You can get the full details here at the NABC site. A few details:

The NABC stands poised to create one of the most exciting, immersive, entertainment venues in the world-the College Basketball Experience which will house the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. The NABC will create a fun, memorable facility that celebrates men's college basketball at all levels, and provides fans and visitors with an entertaining, hands-on, basketball experience that explores the game from an insider's perspective.

Highlights of some of the features:

Locker Room: Get Your Game Face On! The fun begins when you find yourself in a locker room before the big game. It is here that you are "transformed" into a player. Crowd sounds and voices of coaches pump you up for play. As you move from the locker room down a passageway to the court, media evokes a real pre-game situation such as an announcer's voice calling out your name as you enter the arena.

Broadcast Karaoke: Get into the Booth and Make the Call! You step away from being a player and become a broadcaster. You sit in an arena press box and record the play-by-play for classic college basketball moments. You are encouraged to improvise your own exciting calls, or a nearby teleprompter provides you with a script if you wish to mimic the pros. Afterward, you watch the highlight video with your voice-over on your cell phone and send it to your friends.

The Scoreboard: Check out scores and highlights! You come here for up-to-the-minute basketball scores and highlights. You and your friends watch season games on large monitors amidst a crowd of high-energy fans and see current standings broadcast on a giant display. During March Madness, you witness the larger-than-life, digital, Final Four bracket filled in, in real time.

Hang Time: Take Your Game Above the Rim! You experience the thrill of soaring in the air toward the basket to slam dunk. As you run off an inclined ramp, you leap toward a basket with a ball in hand. A camera photographs you in midair against a background of a crowded arena. The snapshot, which looks as though your hang time can compete with the best, is a great memento to show off to your family, friends, and your basketball team!

It's set to open in 2007 with the Sprint Center.