KU Basketball Ticket Information

A couple of blurbs in today's LJW are worth repeating. First of all, KU tickets this year are going digital. No longer will ticket attendants be forced to touch your tickets and tear them in half. Now they will simply shoot a laser at your tickets. If it doesn't fry the tickets, your ticket is deemed to be real. The price you pay for the light show? Getting to show up early to avoid a line. Ain't progress grand?

Event staff will use hand-held scanners to electronically read the barcode printed on the ticket, a technology first used by the KU Athletic Department earlier this fall at Horejsi Center.

The new system also is designed to help people whose tickets were lost or stolen, though fans will be charged a replacement fee.

To keep the new system from causing long, slow lines, ticket holders are urged to arrive early and have their tickets out and ready for scanning at the gate. Also, ticket holders are being asked to not fold tickets along the barcode, so as not to cause delays.

Gone is ticket folding. Well, they can't take away my dignity.

However, they are taking away student tickets entirely. Yes. No more tickets. One step closer to the Mark of the Beast as tickets will be able to be purchased online, then digitally encoded into a student's KUID card.

Students now have the option of purchasing tickets online for a $1 charge, instead of repeatedly standing in line at Allen Fieldhouse throughout the season to buy tickets. Also, there will be no hard tickets. Instead, student IDs will be swiped, and the scanner will show whether that student purchased a ticket for that game.

All of you mid-twenties professionals packing your KUID and pretending to be students, well you can pony up to pay for tickets like your parents.

The law of unintended circumstances will be having a party with this decision, in my very humble opinion.

Now, students won't be able to trade tickets. Will it hurt student attendance? I don't know, but it's hard to see how it will help when Johnny can't go to the game and give Joey his ticket so Joey can go in his stead. Now Johnny will have to give Joey his ID. And thus ends a beauteous grey ticket market.