Mizzou Makes the Top 10 (A&M No. 1)

Kellis Robinett of the Daily Kansan rates the road venues in the Big 12:

Ranking the Big 12: The best place to watch a game

The Big 12 Conference is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and like every large organization, it demands an award show.

Ever since the old Big 8 merged with four teams from the Southwest Conference to create the Big 12, fans have seen everything from a national championship in football to a major NCAA scandal in men's basketball.

We could look back at these highlights and rank them, but anyone can look in a record book and find out which teams won what games. We college students need something we can use.

In an attempt to both honor the Big 12 and give readers something tangible, I have taken it upon myself to rank the best places to watch a game in the conference, excluding Kansas.

After traveling to Boulder, Colo., last Saturday, I have finally watched a football or men's basketball game at every campus in the Big 12.

I've seen games from the stands as a fan, covered games from the press box as a member of the media and joined in on local night scenes as a college student. After seeing everything these Big 12 cities and colleges have to offer, here's where they rank.

1. Texas A&M

The school's fight song begins with the words, "Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck