KU Triumphs 13 to 3

Mediocrity reigns once again as our neighbors to the East fail again to live up to their own gaudy, delusional expectations. KU's defense absolutely dominated Mizzou, and it's no wonder why. Despite the fact that KU's offense has placed such a burden on the defense, KU's run defense is after today's game is the best in the nation (thanks to PGo for pointing that out) Update: second best in the nation to OU. Give those guys a hand. They deserve it.

It was a glorious day in Lawrence. There are few finer things in sport than watching a mob of win-crazed students carrying goalposts off to Potter's lake as the sun shines on Mt Oread.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks.

Look forward to next week, by the way, because the streak, which is 9 years older than me, will end, and it will end in front of a packed house.