Rumor: Aldrich to KU

Rumors are circulating in the basketball world that Cole Aldrich will commit to KU this week. Aldrich is KU's #1 2007 target. He is Scout's #1 ranked C and the 8th overall ranked player in 2007.

Aldrich recently narrowed his list to 3 schools: KU, Minnesota, and UNC. He was overwhelmed by the number of calls, mail, and inquiries of his family and coaches. He hoped by narrowing his focus to 3 schools, the recruiting frenzy would slow down and allow him to concentrate on school. That, of course, did not happen to the extent Aldrich hoped. One sure way to slow the recruiting process is to announce a decision. Making a commitment will take what must seem like the weight of the world off his shoulders.

Of the three finalists, UNC has given scholarships to two 2006 players that play the same position as he does (actuall one true C and one is a combo PF/C). At Minnesota, he would be close to home and would be "the man," but he would not have the supporting cast around him like he would at KU and UNC. KU has given one 2006 scholarship to a PG (Sherron Collins) and is focused on PF with the remaining scholarship. KU seems like the logical choice for Aldrich, and he has visited KU on a number of occassions, including Late Night festivities this year., a Minnesota site, attempted to contact the Aldrich family to verify rumors that Aldrich will commit to KU. Cole is apparently trying to focus on his classwork right now and was not available for comment.