Gregg Doyel vilifies Jim Calhoun

That's the first and last time you'll read the word "vilifies" in a headline this year. Of that I am certain. I am also certain that you will not read a more stunning, poisonous indictment of a college coach's character this year than Gregg Doyel's pedal to the metal screed against UConn's Jim Calhoun. Calhoun's got a sailor's mouth, and I'm sure his office was filled with what Spock called "colorful metaphors" when he read this article. It's unbelieveable. Thanks to Mic for pointing it out to me. Parents, are you listening?

But Calhoun honors nothing but his own program. That is why Calhoun, er, the school, suspended reserve point guard A.J. Price for the entire 2005-06 season but suspended All-American point guard Marcus Williams for just the first semester -- despite their involvement in the same criminal case. Price was expendable. Williams was not. This is justice, Jim Calhoun style.

How much sweeter will it now be when we take them out in round two in Maui?