Take it to the Bank: The Kansas-Nebraska Act

First, a brief history lesson: What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act and when did it take place? That's right: It was when Gale Sayers of KANSAS, at NEBRASKA, engaged in the ACT of becoming the first player in NCAA history to rush for 99 yards on a single play. The year was 1963.

Unfortunately, the Cornhuskers eked out a rare victory in this series in that particular game. The Jayhawks subsequently exacted vengeance, however, when Bobby Douglass, John Zook, Donnie Shanklin, et al., defeated Nebraska in both 1967 and '68.

Because there is no such thing as the Miami-Virginia Tech Act, this concludes the lesson for Week 10 of the college football season.

The forecast# for Week 10 is as follows, including IQ's (i.e., Interest Quotient: *=virtually anything on ESPNU; *****=KU's defense vs. Brad Smith and Company).

1. Nebraska -1 at KU*****(for KU fans--**elsewhere)

Time for Nebraska's annual but-kicking: as in, when KU defeats Nebraska next year, it will be the second annual Nebraska butt-kicking.


2. Texas -28 at Baylor**

The exact number Texas Tech defeated Baylor by last week. I have finally figured Baylor out. They play lights out on the road (should have beaten A&M by two TD's, took OU into O.T., handled ISU easily) and suck at home (losing by 9 to Nebraska and 4 TD's toTech). Of course, if you lived in Waco, you might do better on the road, too.

Texas did look vulnerable last week, but, again, they will come on strong in the fourth quarter as the opponent runs out of fresh bodies and Mack brown keeps sending them in. Heck, even Brown can't screw up this much Division I talent. Can he?


3. Mizzou +11.5 at Colorado****

Believe it or not, Mizzou will make a game of this. They will score a few points against a lesser defensive team than the one they faced last Saturday, and Gary Barnett, unlike Mangino, doesn't have Pinkel's number.


4. Texas A&M +16.5 at Texas Tech***

The Aggies are a Jekyll and Hyde team. By all rights, they should have lost by two TD's to Baylor at home, they got killed by Colorado in Boulder, got killed by ISU at home, and killed Okie St at home. Okie St? Well, actually, even Dr. Jekyll could kyll Okie St. Tech on the road is more akin to Colorado. The Aggies should change their mascot to the Armadillo, because this week they are road kill.


5. k-state +7.5 at Iowa St**1/2

k-state has played surprisingly tough at home the past two weeks. If A&M is a Jekyll and Hyde team, what is ISU? The Cyclones could easily let this one get away from them if they are too full of themselves after last week's royal clock cleaning of the Texas Jekylls. First, though, let's see k-state take its game on the road.


6. Iowa -2.5 at Northwestern***1/2

I usually favor a tough defense over a hot offense. Northwestern, though, is tough to hold down on the field with the Giant Z at the 50 yard line.


7. Michigan St -5 at Purdue**1/2

This is a joke line, right. The only thing that gives me pause is that Vegas usually has the last laugh on apparent nonsense lines. Still, you could retire in style betting against Purdue this year. I'll take the bait.


8. Wisconsin +10.5 at Penn St***1/2

I am a big fan of what Joe Pa is doing this year. This is the first entertaining Penn St team since-well, since the beginning of time. Wisconsin is a tough, hardnosed club, however, and should be able to stay within a TD and Field Goal, even in Insanely Happy Valley.


9. Boston College -4.5 at North Carolina**

UNC is the ACC's KU. Great at home, feeble anywhere else. This one's at home.


10. Florida St -13.5 at North Carolina St**1/2

The NCAA baiting Seminoles have not been spectacular on the road this season when playing anyone not named Duke. Half a point less than two full TD's is about a field goal too much.


11. Miami +6.5 at Virginia Tech*****

The Hurricanes could do Texas a great big favor, as the only obstacles between the Longhorns and the Rose Bowl are its own feeble schedule (Baylor, KU, and A&M) and VT's tough one. The bad news for the Hokies is that they have to actually play it. If they do go undefeated the rest of the way, they deserve to move onto Pasadena.


12. Tennessee +8 at Notre Dame****1/2

The Irish have proven that they can beat any team in the country under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus (how sacrilegious is that?). They win again, but nobody runs and hides from the Volunteers, despite their 3-4 record.


13. Vanderbilt +19 at Florida*1/2

Vandy is on a four game losing streak-although the last three have come against LSU, Georgia and at surprisingly tough South Carolina. (Of course, the first was vs. arch in-state rival Middle Tennessee St.) The only question is whether FU will be up for 60 minutes of football or have a letdown after knocking Georgia from the ranks of the unbeaten. Close call. 19 is a lot of points to give a respectable opponent.


14. Cal +2 at Oregon****

Oregon's only loss is a 45-13 at the hands of USC. Of course, a lot of teams get drubbed by USC. 6-2 Cal would be the favorite in Berkeley. Eugene isn't Berkeley-in more ways than one.


15. UCLA -9.5 at Arizona***

The Bruins needed a miracle finish last week to remain undefeated. Another daunting task this week-at least as far as the point spread is concerned. We will see if they learned something from their close call or are the type of team that will not realize they have to bring their A game every week until they actually lose. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, even against a reasonably tough AU defense.


"If we have ever had a beverage that tastes just like bubble gum, this is it. Big Red has a light and sweet flavor, which tastes quite artificial. At least the beverage was not overly syrupy. This beverage is acceptable, but you can do much better if you are looking for a decent gourmet soda."

Like Big Blue.

--Mark ____________________________________________________________________

#As always:

1. These picks are for entertainment purposes only. 2. You get what you pay for. 3. There will be no refunds.