Preach on Brother Kellis

It appears from the free for all message boards at the Kansan that my homey Kellis Robinett is taking some heat for his article criticizing the students for rushing the field at the Mizzou game. I was at the game with The Phog and I know we differ in opinion on this matter. But, I can't help but agree with Kellis. We've got a losing streak that dates back to 1968 about to end the next weekend against Nebraska. Why steal the thunder of that celebration and waste two perfectly good goalposts on freaking Mizzou? Over the last 3 years, we own this program in football and basketball. They don't deserve the time of day when it comes to this type of thing. If we beat Nebraska on Saturday, and tear down the goalposts, there will be something a little less special about it due to our student's lack of foresight this past weekend.