The Monster of the Midlands, or The Golden Age of KU Hoops goes Platinum

A buddy of mine sent me a beautifully crafted email regarding the state of KU hoops. I thought you all might enjoy it, so here it is, with Jimbo's permission: We had some discussion starting around 1995 (can you believe that?) regarding KU entering a Golden Era of KU hoops. I think in retrospect it probably was something of a Golden Era that I'd say ran from about 1993 to 2003. Three final four appearances, a bunch of highly decorated players, a parcel of league titles and domination of our key rivals.

Well folks, let me be the first to predict that after a very brief hiatus which will end this year, KU will embark on a Platinum Era, which I believe will turn out to be a run of success the like of which only those who remember the early to mid 50's have ever seen at KU. A new Monster of the Midlands is growing up under our very watchful eyes right now in Lawrence. Like many a gawky teenager it is going to stumble and perhaps even fall a bit growing up, but grow up it will and when it does it will tear through this conference like a knife through hot butter.

I believe that over the next 6 seasons there will be at least two final four appearances, at least four league titles and as many as two national titles. All the pieces are coming into place. Our facilities have never been better, the transition to the Self era is complete. Self is a recruiter the likes of which we haven't seen in Lawrence since the Phog himself in the 50's. He's also as good a strategic and tactical coach as there is in the business when he's got kids who can play his style of ball, which he now has in impressive numbers.

There are Wildcats (in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Kentucky not in Kansas), Huskies, Rams, Devils, and goodness knows what else in our way nationally, and Longhorns, Cowboys and Sooners in the league. But it doesn't matter because the Monster can and will devour them all. This league is on borrowed time. It's our league, always has been really, doesn't matter whether it was the MVC, Big 6,7,8 or 12 we've always won more titles and recognition than any other school and not only is that not going to change, we are going to be even more dominant. Also forget Big Jay, we are building a Monster Jay to destroy them all.

I know there will be a few skeptics among you, but believe me this is the time to Beware of the Phog, and don't you think for one minute the rest of the world of college basketball isn't taking a great deal of notice. The Monster of the Midlands is going on the March again and this time it won't stop until the heaviest hardware is in the nest in Lawrence. The magic did not leave us, it's right here in Kansas, because there is no place like home, right?