OH NO! Here Comes Quin!

Missouri's exhibition opener against Bemidji State (????) signaled the end of Quin Snyder's house arrest. Sanctions imposed against MU for recruiting violations in the basketball program included a ban on off-campus recruiting. "Well, I feel like we've had a lot of success being home," Snyder told an AP reporter. "That being said, I think we can have a whole lot more success when we actually get to set foot on a high school campus."

Snyder said he hasn't been allowed to speak at clinics and joked that he has to be "careful not to cross the street" when he goes by Columbia Rockbridge High School.

Lead from the top down, Quin. When you venture out of your self-created dungeon to meet recruits and their families, try following the rules. I know that you wont have any recruiting success, but integrity is important. Besides, it will be a lot harder for MU to find your replacement if the school gets hit with sanctions again because your cell was opened and you ventured out representing the school.

How was your seat on the bench during your stunning victory over Bemidji State (????) - HOT?