Bracketography says KU is underhyped for 2005-2006

I guess it all depends on what you think the rankings mean. Chris Dortch, who edits the venerable Blue Ribbon Yearbook, has left KU out of his top 25. I called him out on it and he explained that he thought that KU would be a mess to contend with come February/March, but that their inexperience and general un-proven-ness at this stage of the game forced his rather un-top-25-ish hand. That's not exactly what he said - those are all-my-hyphens-baby.

Here's the Bracketography link - you might also note that we're picked 3rd in the Big 12 (based on projected RPI at end of season). I'll take that and a win over OU on 02/05 at which you'll be able to see your humble editor, bleeding nose and all, in section 9a.