Darrell Arthur Update: No news is bad news?

Highly touted recruit, "Slim Shady" Darrell Arthur hasn't decided where he wants to go to college. Normally, folks in Kansas wouldn't particularly care where a kid from South Oak Cliff High in Dallas, Texas went to college. But Darrell Arthur appears to be the last big recruiting target for KU and Bill Self, so people, myself included are watching him like a hawk, eagerly anticipating that he will join fellow Late Early Night attendee, Sherron Collins, in adding his name to an increasingly amazing Jayhawk commitment list.

This week, Cole Aldrich, a big fella from Minnesota and a top 10 ranked prospect for the class of 2007, committed to Self a full two years before he'll ever suit up for the Crimson and Blue. Sherron Collins, another top 10 player (except he'll be playing next year), committed just hours after being overwhelmed at the same celebration that Arthur attended.

So Jayhawks are dying to know: what's Darrell going to do?

And the answer I have for you is this: I have no clue.

Today we read in the Lawrence Journal-World that the Arthur entourage is taking its time in making a decision. Well, we'll have to take his coaches' words for it.

"Basically we (family members plus AAU coach Jazzy Hartwell) just came to the conclusion that until he feels comfortable or certain of where he wants to be then basically he's just going to wait," Mays said.

I don't know exactly what it is about that situation that makes me nervous, as AAU and HS coaches oftentimes play a big role in a kid's decision, sometimes even bigger than a kid's parents. There may be nothing wrong with that, but when a kid has NBA written all over him, as Darrell Arthur has since grade school (when he started being coached by Jazzy Hartwell), I guess it can look like there are other forces at work.

It looks like a Spring decision for Darrell. I'm not terribly sure that Self will hold out for him like KU's former coach might have, because Self doesn't seem like the kind of recruiter who waits on kids. So we'll have to see how it plays out.

But if you keep hearing Darell Arthur's name and want to know a little more about him, read this January article from the Dallas Morning News.

Maybe I'm nervous for nothing.

Then again, maybe I'm not.