Fort Hays State Postgame

A few post-game impressions:

  • Brandon Rush's offensive rebounding: he's got a nose for the ball, and I think, if he can work on his movement a little on defense, he'll have secured himself a starter's spot.
  • Russell Robinson's assists: All eleven of them. I thought KU as a team distributed the ball well, if a bit nervously, but Robinson really excelled with his timing.
  • Sasha Kaun's power: I love that he didn't hesitate in leveraging his height and strength advantage and taking it to the hoopd. I love that his dunks are extremly quick and nearly unstoppable. I fear that he'll get a lot of charging calls once we play better competition, but I am pleased nonetheless
  • CJ Giles' jumpers: It's nice to see him stepping out a bit, especially this early in the season - his shot looked good.
  • Three man guard rotation: The guards worked well together last night, I thought. Ultimately, it will very likely be Robinson and Chalmers, but Hawkins looks like he'll get some solid minutes, and I can say that without getting too scared. When Rodrick Stewart is eligible, I think he'll get some PT as well. From newspaper reports, it sounds like he may not be as complete, offensively, as the other players, but he could certanly be used to turn up the heat defensively when one of the three either gets in foul trouble or is tired. Those four, however, will make many a team miserable this year.