Maui Invitational Conference Call Highlights

Today was the 2005 Maui Invitational Conference Call (pdf), wherein both Arizona's Lute Olson and Bill Self commented. This exchange I found particularly interesting:

(Jeffery Parson): (Coach Olson), this is (Jeffery Parson) from Wichita Eagle, and can you compare this field to - is there any field that sticks out in your mind in these pre-season tournaments you've been in that you thought, "Oh this is tough, or looks as loaded as this one?"

(Lute Olson): No, this in my opinion is the best pre-season match-ups in a tournament situation that I've ever seen. And that includes NIT pre-season or anyone you want to mention. You know, when you got six teams that have won National Championship's, the seventh team that's been invited is (Gonzaga) who's been ranked in the top 6, 7, 8 and even higher. I saw fourth in one poll. So I mean it is loaded. It's going to be - there are going to be some great basketball games. And I feel very strongly that every team is going to come out of that tournament with some positives to build on.

Worth a read, definitely.