Slightly new look for the Phog Blog

For the next week or so, I'll be rotating a number of different header graphics through here on the Phog Blog. I'm partial to one of them at this point, but in the interests of blind democracy, I'll not tell you which one it is. You can rotate through the new designs by refreshing this page (push F5). If there's one that you really like, drop a comment. If it does not matter to you at all, don't worry about it! By the way, if you're nervous about reading the Phog Blog at work, I highly recommend picking up an RSS reader and subscribing to the Phog Blog RSS feed, so that it comes to you, wherever you are.

If you're just looking to be a bit more discreet about reading the Phog Blog, just point your browswer to which is much less 'sporty', but might save you from getting in trouble.

And if you want to add the Phog Blog to your favorites, just press Ctrl+D on your keyboard and start rocking and rolling. The more people who read, the more we can do, so tell your friends, and let us know how we can make the Phog Blog better.