Bob Huggins still recruting...

This is a pretty bizarre phenomenon. Basically, players know that Bob Huggins will end up somewhere (my personal pick is Mizzou, after Quin gets fired this spring after yet another dismal year), and they're evidently waiting to follow him wherever he ends up. Evidently Huggy Bear's has proven himself such a fine molder of young men that parents around the country don't care what school he goes to as long as he coaches their sons.

Sounds like a recipe for a good, face-melting cocktail if you ask the Columbia special: mix three Natty lights with two shots of plastic-bottle-vodka, and serve in a Quiktrip thermo-mug on your way to the Opossum hunt.

But seriously folks, can this be real?

Gregg Doyel elaborates:

A college basketball program will hire Bob Huggins this spring. That school is out there somewhere, and whoever it is, that school will be getting a lot more than Bob Huggins.

It will be getting a ready-to-go recruiting class, too. Maybe even two recruiting classes. Maybe, dare we say it, even future NBA All-Star O.J. Mayo.

Huggins is a free agent, and recruits know it. A handful of elite prospects, including 7-foot-2 Jason Bennett of Jacksonville, Fla., are letting this week's early signing period pass without making a decision. They are waiting, in many cases, for Huggins.

Heaven help us all if Huggy ends up at Mizzou. It's a match made in heaven though, especially if Mizzou can land Gary Barnett away from CU in football as well.