Giving MU a Pass - can anyone believe it.

While most of my Jayhawk brethren are revelling in yet another embarassing loss for the mediocritigers, I can't help but be worried that the rumors of the Tigers' death may be exaggerated. They are always a tough game for KU, and especially a KU team who hasn't had years of careful grooming to ensure a suitable level of contempt for Mizzou. Indeed, because of Sam Houston State University (had it been the venerable Sam Houston University, perhaps we could understand), KU's freshmen may completely overlook Mizzou. We might have to bus in Don Fabrough to light a fire or two.

But as Ken Pomeroy points out today, it was just one game, and it's not necessarily indicative of what will happen for the rest of the year.

Pomeroy reminds us:

For instance, on December 30, 1999, a Wright State team that would eventually finish 13-18 beat Michigan State, who would win the national championship later that season.

And on November 19, 2004, Santa Clara, who finished 15-16, beat North Carolina, who would also win a title at season's end.

While I don't think that MU will even be playing in the postseason, it's perhaps a little early to revel in their losses - at least until we beat them.