KU Student Ticket Policy Raises a lot of Questions

KU fans around the country have noticed that Allen Fieldhouse hasn't been full for the two exhibition games. Many are saying that they've never seen the Fieldhouse as empty as it was last night. You want a reason?

Many have speculated that it is related to the new digital ticket system for students. Instead of using paper tickets, students pick up their students online or in person, and they are credited to their student IDs. It's very convenient for students who go to every game, but for those who can't make a game, the ticket is a lot harder to give to someone else.

Instead of just handing an extra ticket to a friend if a student can't make it to a game, he or she has to follow these procedures.

Transfer of Tickets:

Student tickets can be transferred to any other KU student. Student tickets may NOT be transferred to anyone who is NOT a KU student. In order to make a student-ticket transfer, each student will need to do the following:

* The ticketholder (student with the ticket) and the transferee (student to whom the ticket is being transferred) must come to the KU Ticket Office and complete the necessary paperwork. The ticket will then be removed from the ticketholder's account and transferred to the other student. The transferred ticket will be electronically placed on the students KU ID. There will be a $2.50 transfer fee assessed at the time the transfer is made. Payment can be made in the form of cash or credit card. * Transfers will be allowed on game day; however, students wishing to make transfers on game day can anticipate long lines at the main box office. * REMINDER: There is a $2.50 ticket transfer fee payable at the time of the transfer. Payment can be made in the form of cash or credit card.

You tell me. 4000 tickets were picked up, but 4000 seats weren't filled. Is it the students' fault, the policy's fault, or a combination of both? Would online transfers make the process easier?

I'm in regular contact with Jim Marchiony, and my experience suggests that he listens to feedback, and from what he has indicated to me, this policy can change if a response requires it.

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