PhogCast Episode 3: Interview with Mike DeCourcy

Mike DeCourcy, who covers college basketball for The Sporting News, was nice enough to join us for episode 3 of PhogCasts. Download PhogCast Episode 3 here.

In this episode we cover many a thing to get a KU fan excited, including, but not limited to:

Mike's thoughts on the strenth of the college game this year.

Kansas' national prospects (including an interesting story about why KU wasn't ranked in their top 25 that might surprise you)

The Big 12 Conference

Quin Snyder's job and why he's still around.

Mike's thoughts on Arizona


Some information on Maui that you shouldn't miss. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have. We're looking at providing some cool coverage from the beach at Maui.

Thanks a lot and happy listening.

As always, you can listen on your computer by downloading above, or by clicking play on the handy device below.