Phog Forecasts: Idaho State

Don't call them Boise State. I tell you that as a friend, because oh baby, you don't want to catch yourself in Idaho on your Napoleon Dynamite sightseeing tour and misspeak. Indeed, Boise State and Idaho State will actually play eachother on December 1st, so let there be no confusion.

Perhaps it will help you to remember that Idaho State is from Pocatello and Boise State is from Boise.

Now that that's settled, I'll go ahead and tell you that this won't be a game. Not even close to a game. The Bengals' RPI last year was 311, which is awful (but not quite as bad as the band, methinks). And they lost three starters. But maybe it was for the best, because they do return two of their best players, Slim "but not shady" Millien, a 6' 7" post player who shot above 60% from the field, and Logan "Almost 21 because of my Mormon Mission" Kinghorn, a Brandon Rush sized player who was the best freshman in the Big Sky last year.

They also get back David Schroeder who missed last year because of some knee injury or other. He played well before injuring his knee and could be a perimeter scorer if he's quick enough to get open.

Aside from those three, Idaho state is a startingly different team from a year ago, bringing in 8 newcomers.

Idaho State just won't have what it will take to compete, and they'll get fairly well run out of the building.

My prediction:

KU: 84 ISU: 59.5