Phog Forecasts: Arizona

It will be a good game I think. Vegas thinks so, if it's any comfort -they have Arizona favored by 5, which is a lot less than I would have suspected. Arizona lost a lot since last year - Adams is their top returning scorer at around 13 points a game, I believe. I do think that Arizona will likely win, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the 'Hawks pull one out.

It's just so easy in the season that it's very difficult to know what to expect.

Arizona will very likely press. If that rattles our team, we could get run out of the building. If our ballhandlers, particularly Julian Wright, can maintain poise and not panic, we should be able to hang with them very well. Arizona is more experienced, but they are not more talented.

Because I'm a homer, I'll predict that KU squeaks by in a very high scoring game, and gets the entire nation talking about this team well before even the turn of the year.

My pick:

KU: 87 Arizona: 83

UPDATE: I am not alone. Tony Mejia at Sportsline picks KU 83-79.

Something about Hawaii:

Ken Pomeroy explores the Hawaian magic in this post, as well as naming Sasha Kaun winner of Friday's "Line of the Night". Great props for Sasha to have the best line in college basketball on Friday.