KU loses to Arkansas

65-64 in a nailbiter. KU played much better, but they just couldn't put it togther on the final play. Very disappointed by a loss, but heck, at least we'll be playing during primetime tomorrow night. For 7th place.

A couple of stats stick out to me:

2-5: Free throws for the game. KU has got to be more agressive in order to get to the line more often. Arkansas fouled more than KU, and yet Arkansas scored 10 points from the line. In two games in Maui, KU has been outscored 33-9 on the foul line. Pit Bull aggressiveness? Not yet. Pit poodle is more like it. Come on guys, you can do better.

1-2: Our record at present. It's worse than I would have thought (I really thought we could have and should have beaten Arkansas), but at the end of the year, no one will care. These tough games in a tough environment will prove an inexpensive education at the end of the year.

KU played considerably better, but still played sloppy. They flat out gave away 8-10 points in the second half and gave up a few key possessions with STUPID turnovers. Most notable among these was Jeff Hawkins' dribble off the foot in the closing minutes when he simply took his eye off the ball.

A good loss?

I suppose so, but I sure do hate losing.