Stepping Back a Bit

What happened this week that has people so upset? We lost two winnable games to tournament teams, just like most people thought we would.

Arizona is a legitimate top 10 team and was our first competition of any sort. Arkansas is very likely a tourney team (probably fairly equivalent to Iowa State) who won purely because KU lacked experience and post depth.

A few years ago, we were 3-3. That year, we went to the Final Four. That team had a monster group of Freshmen and an even more monster group of Juniors.

This team has almost no real talented upperclassmen at all.

2-2 is not bad.

While it pretty much cost us the game on Monday, I was glad to see Mario get used twice. You can't pull that crap on D-1 players. Maybe, as I said to friends while watching the game the other night, on slow kids from Alaska, but not on experienced d1 guards. That's a lesson learned. Monday he had 7 turnovers. Yesterday, he had 1. As a team, we had 28 turnovers on Monday. Yesterday, we had just 16.

We'll learn to be more aggressive as well. In nearly every game, we'll have more talented players on the court. Mario, Russell, Julian, Micah and Brandon can all use their athleticism to get to the line, like Jarret Jack did against us. We'll have a better offense and the younger guys will be more comfortable in getting to the hole and taking charge.

Rush should have taken the final shot against Arkansas. Instead, he deferred to Hawkins, who was horribly positioned to take the final shot and got it blocked. You live and you learn.

If we learn, we're really not going to have to depend too heavily on the selection committee to do us any favors. It's a long season and we've got plenty of time to prove ourselves.

It's not doomsday yet, I say, so stop acting like it!