Insider's Perspective on Ty Reed

Send in by PB reader Chuck (thanks!)

I followed Ty as the unofficial photographer of his high school basketball team for his freshman and sophomore season.

If KU were to get Ty there, you would be getting a kid very much in the mold of Kirk H. He is a very humble kid, very level headed, and very very talented. I believe he's consistently on the high honors list at school. He is not a cocky kid that will get into trouble. He is very serious about basketball, and understands those off the court things that can detract from his opportunities to play the game.

He's a great player, but really so much more than that. He has been raised to respect the game and his opponents, so you won't see him running down the court tugging on his jersey. He is the perfect point guard, a kid that can score 30 if you need him to, or might end up with 8 points and 5 assists, but win. Winning is by far the most important thing in the game to him, and he does what his team needs to get the job done.

The perfect point guard on a team loaded with superstars. The guy you need to get the ball to the right person so that they can score, and the team can be successful.

KU would be very fortunate to get him, not just because of his basketball skills, but because he is the type of kid you want in your program - and a great example to other kids.

Anybody else seen Ty play? Let us know what you think.