K-State Fires New Head Coach DiNardo

After early reports leaked that Kansas State had hired former Indiana coach Gerry DiNardo, the students literally rioted, putting down their work pitchforks in favor of their school pitch forks, and after getting the horses ready, headed into campus to give Tim Weiser a piece of their mind. Students, your rioting was not in vain, as Weiser will shortly be responding to your concerns. Phog Blog spy Boomer intercepted this transmission from K-State's main telegraph hub, and it is brought to you here in digital form. To get some background on the hiring of Gerry DiNardo, you might want to follow the link above before reading what will happen next (we've got it here before the heralded Hoosier Review!).

Hoosier Review has learned that Kansas State University athetic director Tim Weiser this morning will announce the firing of new head football coach Gerry DiNardo. According to a Kansas State athletic department staffer speaking on a condition of anonymity, DiNardo was fired on the basis of his losing record of 8-27 while running perennial doormat Indiana even further into the ground.

So why did Weiser hire DiNardo to begin with? Many KSU faithful want to know. According to the spokesman, it was an apparent case of mistaken identity. "Tim thought that he was talking with Dungy of Indianapolis, not DiNardo of Indiana. It's an understandable mistake. Anyone could make it."

Disappointed that he isn't getting the coach that has led the NFL's Colts to an 11-0 start this season, Weiser will now restart the search process.

"We want to continue the tradition of the 'Decade of Dominance' that K-State football has enjoyed once in the last four years," the anonymous source said.

Apparently now at the top of the short list is Iowa State assistant Terry Allen. "We're so impressed with the record that coach Allen's father, George, enjoyed all those years he led the Washington Redskins. We believe that he can continue his family's legacy at K-State in a similar fashion that sons such as Terry Bowden, Wade Philips and David Shula have done for their families."

In related news, K-State has released its schedule for the 2005-06 season and will play Prairie View A&M six times in what the spokesman calls "a concentrated effort to regain bowl eligibility for our storied football program."