Take it to the Bank: 2005 Swan Song Edition

Week 16 already? Where has the football season gone? Fortunately for KU, there is a game yet to be played. However, for the purpose of this Phog Blog feature, this is it until the dog days of late August or early September in 2006. Because this final weekend suffers from a dearth of games involving teams that anyone has seen or heard of, the slack will be taken up by the inclusion of the Over/Under in many games. For anyone unfamiliar with the Over/Under, it is a prediction of the sum of both teams' points. For example, last Saturday, the sum in the KU/Iowa St game was 45 (24-21). If the Over/Under number was 43, those who took the Over won. If the Over/Under number was 48, the winners were those who went with the Under.

For the final time in 2005:

1. Colorado +28 vs. Texas (Houston)

Let's see: Colorado missed covering the spread last week by 40 points. UT missed by 17. Both teams are hopping mad at their performance. UT is again running its mouth, claiming they are seeking redemption for only beating A&M by 11. If they were playing a team better than one that lost by 27 at home to a mediocre Nebraska crew, they might pay for their mouth-running. They won't. Which still doesn't mean they will cover 28.


2. Over/Under: 60.5

UT has been almost averaging 60 themselves. CU will get in a few licks before falling by something like 45-24.


3. Army +6.5 vs. Navy (Philadelphia)

Navy has been beating Army like a drum in recent years. Ride that mule until it falters.

4. O/U: 50.5

The two teams average scoring 51 between them, and average giving up 51 between them. Pretty shrewd line. Last time I looked, 51 was considered larger than 50.5


5. UCLA +22 @ Southern Cal

If there is one thing UCLA can do, it's score. They should have wont his game last year. Yes, they will be outscored, but USC will have to score 50+ to cover this spread, because UCLA gets at least 28.

6. O/U: 74

Another outstanding line by the oddsmakers. 49-28 covers it. 42-28 doesn't.


7. LSU -1.5 vs. Georgia (Atlanta) How many times is LSU going to kick itself for blowing a 21 point lead at home vs. what has proven to be a weak (for them) Tennessee team. Otherwise, the group from Katrina country would arguably be playing this game to keep Texas out of the Rose Bowl.

A virtual home game for Georgia. That gives them the edge in a toss-up game.


8. O/U: 40

Two of the nation's best defenses this side of Lawrence.


9. Florida St +14 vs. Virginia Tech (Jacksonville)

Surely, Florida St has some sense of pride, the lily livered choking folders. . .


10. O/U: 45.5

Looks like the antithesis of the SEC championship game.


11. West Virginia -9 @ South Florida

South Florida fighting for a BCS Bowl? Something has to be done about that-and sooner, rather than later. k-state's future coach puts up a fight, but the football gods are not ready for something called USF in a big time bowl-not this year.


12. O/U: 44

A special teams play or two moves the score into the upper 40's.


13. Louisville -17.5 @ Connecticut

Oh, Puhleeeaze. Didn't UConn give up on football when Big Lew left for greener pastures?


14. O/U: 53

Louisville scores 42-45. Surely, UConn can make up the difference.

15. San Diego St +3.5 @ Hawaii

Hawaii is a tough coconut to crack at home.


The Fort called Worth, Sam Houston Town, Captain Shreve-ville, or Bloomin' Orlando. Get your priorities straight and BE THERE!____________________________________________________________________ Have a Great off-season. And remember:

1. These picks are for entertainment purposes only. 2. You get what you pay for. 3. There are no refunds.