Sherron Collins drops 39, averaging 39

Can the kid be stopped? I do not think so.

As soon as he touches the ball, the anticipation level in the gym rises, and everyone waits to be thrilled.

On Thursday night in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tournament championship game, the showman didn't let his audience down. Collins scored 39 points and grabbed seven rebounds as he led the No. 5 Cougars to a 73-56 win over No. 15 Westinghouse at St. Xavier's Shannon Center.

We'll get better as this season rolls along, and we'll be great next year. It's not time to jump off a cliff yet, and in fact, if you don't look straight down, it's a pretty darn nice view.

A little more Sherron love here:

Collins scored 16 of Crane's last 20 points. He shot 12-for-27 from the field and turned the ball over just twice. And according to Collins, he's not even in shape yet.

"I'm still in football shape,'' he said. "In football, you get breaks after every play; with basketball, it's just non-stop running.''