Student Ticket Policy Improved

KU students, it's now easier to transfer tickets, so you can more easily fill student seats at Allen Fieldhouse. Jim Marchiony assures the Phog Blog that they're closely monitoring this system and will be making any other additional changes. It's not perfect, and it's not an online transfer system, but it should facilitate transfer of unused tickets.

In either transfer method, both students DO NOT have to be present to make the transfer and the $2.50 fee has been waived for the rest of the season.

At the Box Office – Prior to the Game: Students may bring both KU ID's (both parties DO NOT have to be present) and make the transfer at the Box Office. The $2.50 fee will be waived for the remainder of the season. Transfers at the Box Office will be suspended at 1 pm the day of the game. For games that occur over the weekend, transfers at the Box Office for weekend games will only be made until 5 pm on the Friday prior to the game. At the Game: Students may now bring their ID as well as the student they are receiving the transferred ticket from directly to the student gates the night of the game. Students wishing to enter Allen Fieldhouse through a transfer of a ticket from another student must enter through a specifically designated door at the student gates the night of the game. The student ID that has the ticket will be swiped to grant admission and the student obtaining the transfer ticket will be checked against the University's database of currently enrolled students. Once enrollment is verified, the student will be granted admission to the game.