Dwight Lewis Update

PB reader Cathy writes in with an update on the ever-Mercurial Dwight Lewis, who committed to KU, only to back out, re-commit and de-commit again. He has turned up in the Houston area after being dislocated post-Katrina:

I read something on either on your blog or another KU source back in September that Dwight Lewis would be attending a private school in Katy, Texas after he had to leave Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. His dad said that he enrolled at Katy High School, wouldn't be allowed to play basketball, so he left for a private school. Daddy said that it had something to do with politics in the district.

I wrote Katy High School's basketball coach and sent him the link. He said that it was news to him and that he'd never spoken to Lewis or Daddy Lewis.

Imagine my surprise when Lewis turned up at one of the other schools in the Katy Independent School District (there are six), Taylor High School. So far, he's doing okay.... Here's a quote from one of the articles:

Taylor played with a split squad for the second consecutive game and was also without leading scorer Dwight Lewis, who was benched for the first half for violating team rules.

Lewis was held to four points in the second half while committing four personal fouls.

Entire article is here:

The other article that mentions him is here:

Katy High has been consumed with their football team going to State, so basketball coverage hasn't been heavy recently. The Tigers lost, but it was a great season.

And that's the rest of the story.