Postgame: Northern Colorado

*Anyone else glad to see Darnell Jackson back in uniform? *We'd very likely be 9-1 right now instead of 6-4 if he'd been playing since day one. We'd be ranked in the top 25 and pundits from Pasadena to Princeton would be on our proverbial bandwagon. But we wouldn't be a better team. But it's good to know that Gregg Doyel was right.

*Our offense moved the ball better in the second half, but I think we got a bit lax on defense - NoCo shot 52% in the second stanza.

*George Brett looked as baked as a Christmas turkey, or Lute Olsen.

*Tom Keegan at the LJW has a real eye for illustrative stats. Case in point, his thoughts on the electrifying Julian Wright:

He's juiced on the road, too juiced by the crowd at home. In 66 minutes at the Fieldhouse, Wright has 12 turnovers. In 97 minutes elsewhere, he has seven turnovers.

*The Big 12 is not good this year. OU got their wagon handed to them by the Gansey led West Virginia Mountaineers. WVU is a good, but not a great team.

*That's all I got. If my bosses are reading this, I hope they recognize how little time it took to post.

Merry Christmas all if I don't post again!