Big 12 Football Thoughts - Congrats OU and NU

The Big 12 had another nice night in football, as the once struggling Sooners redeemed their season with a win over BCS snub Oregon. That's two wins over high profile programs so far and a dominating performance by KU to boot. I don't know if I'll be rooting for MU tonight, although the justification for doing so seems to be that their fans might take the small measure of satisfaction in beating a decent Gamecocks squad in a bowl game and parley that into their typical stratuspheric expectations next year. We'll see how ISU, MU TTU and UT can do, but if they can match the 3-1 record that their B12 brothers have put up, I think it's safe to say that the big 12 wasn't all that bad this year.

If UT can take home the Rose Bowl Trophy and the Big 12 is 6-2 in bowls, I think a lot of people will say it was the best football conference.

I don't know enough about football or conferences to make that judgment, but on the surface, the numbers look pretty compelling.