Aaron Miles released from Golden State

Aaron made about $150k for his trouble, but I'll bet he's not happy he had to spend thousands on suits for the new NBA dress code only to get waived a few weeks later.

Rookie point guard Aaron Miles accomplished quite a feat when he made the Warriors' roster as a free agent coming out of training camp.

That feel-good story came to an end Thursday when the Warriors waived Miles, five days before NBA contracts become guaranteed for the season. By releasing Miles, the team will save about $243,000 on the one-year deal he signed for the league-minimum $398,762.

``Aaron was a great kid,'' Coach Mike Montgomery said. ``I really wish him well. If he's able to work his way back to us, that would be great.''

Miles, who played college ball at Kansas, was a popular teammate because of his attitude and hard work.

Certainly disappointing, but we do wish Aaron the best. Maybe he can join Mike Lee with the Globetrotters. On that note, fans hoping to see Aaron's companion from the 503 decked out in red white and blue this weekend at the 'Trotters game in KC will be disappointed - Mike won't be playing because of an accelerated heartbeat that he had after their game in Cincinnati. As a twenty-something with a pacemaker, I certainly hope it isn't serious.