Speed Speculation

With the marquee UK matchup tomorrow, and the Big 12 season around the corner, I can't keep myself from wondering how much the Christmas break has really benefitted the Jayhawks. There's no doubt the last couple games have been eye-opening. We've seen that:

    Chalmers is ready to start Coming off the bench, Hawkins could be a legit offensive threat Robinson is the team's true PG Wright will steal more and more minutes from the "true" post players...

But the big question remains:

    Can this team run?

Bill Self keeps dropping the R-word. And against undermatched opponents, KU was able to cruise up and down the court at high speeds. But even the Northern Colorado game had its share of overthrown passes and wild dribbling.

Headed into the Kentucky game, the Jayhawks have proven that they have the raw athleticism and desire to play fast-paced ball, especially when Robinson handles the rock. The question is whether they have the composure to execute the high-speed attack against legitimate opponents.

Tomorrow will provide an answer to that question.