Kudos for KU

Mike DeCourcy claims to be driving the Jayhawk bandwagon. I wouldn't go that far, but he does have nice things to say:

Team of the week: It's been so lonely driving the Kansas bandwagon, I was beginning to feel like a NASCAR racer. There should be more company now that the Jayhawks knocked Kentucky back into the middle of last century, holding the Wildcats to a mere 46 points. How bad is that? It's precisely the same number that Yale put up against KU earlier in the week. This team now has won six in a row, and though the teams in between California and Kentucky weren't overly impressive, the Jayhawks were. This is one of the nation's most talented teams, folks. If they could figure out the point guard thing -- which is kind of like saying, "If cheeseburgers were fat-free..." -- they could win it all.

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Yoni Cohen also gives us some love:

Best win: Kansas - After losing four of six, the young Jayhawks have won six in a row. Brandon Rush, among the most unselfish of college basketball's young stars, finally turned in a performance worthy of his many skills. Rush's 24 points and 12 rebounds enabled Bill Self's club to embarrass the Kentucky Wildcats and launched Brandon's campaign for national Freshman of the Year.

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