KU #2 in the Big 12...and other bits and pieces

Both Tom Keegan and Gregg Doyel are both saying that KU is the Big 12's second best team. I'm not sure these bold words are more indicative of KU's budding uber-potential or the Big 12's general youngness, but as much as I like Keegan, I'm going to give Doyel the credit for calling KU out before OU's ignominious loss to Mizzou at Norman last night. That's pathetic. Especially since the empty chairs, which outnumbered those with Sooner fans in them, appeared more interested than their human counterparts.

Keegan and Doyel join Mike DeCourcy, who, in naming himself the driver of the KU bandwagon, suggests that KU could win it all if we get our situation at point guard figured out. DeCourcy's among the most knowledgable in the business, so I wouldn't write his comments off as quickly as you might be inclined.

KU is talented, and I do think that moving Russ Robinson to point appears to be bearing fruit and allowing the super-frosh Mario Chalmers to work himself into the offense more. Plus Micah Downs, who has been injured (please stop sending me emails asking me why Micah isn't playing more) will likely get some better minutes as the season progresses.

I'm feeling pretty good about this team going into tonight's game against Colorado. It will be a tough test - certainly tougher and in many ways more important than the headline grabbing pasting of Kentucky - but I think KU will pull it out in the end.

The Coors Event Center will be filled with as many Jayhawks as Buffaloes, and I like our ability to contain Roby better this year than last. The predictive stats (Pomeroy, Sagarin, etc.) will sing a different tune, but I feel comfortable saying

KU 76 CU 69

This is an important game for Mark's REAL standings as well, as KU can come pretty close to turning itself into a contender. I'm afraid that OU can no longer be considered a contender, but I'll leave that for Mark to confirm.

Update: I should note that according to Ken Pomeroy, KU is the nation's 6th best team over the last five games, so maybe DeCourcy is right.