Clark Kellog: Hawks Young and Dangerous

Kellog profiles KU as one of his young and dangerous teams. He's very complimentary but it's a lot of the same stuff you're reading elsewhere:

With eight freshmen and sophomores in his 10-man playing rotation, coach Bill Self knew this season wouldn't be easy. A rough start in Maui – albeit against some good teams – had the folks in Lawrence a bit restless. And although this "work in progress" continues, all who've seen Kansas recently know why this team is one to keep an eye on.

The Jayhawks have good size and athleticism, and plenty of depth. But the perimeter shooting can be a bit spotty at times and the ball-handling, sloppy. This is because young players tend to go too fast sometimes, and not fast enough at others – but I think those areas will continue to get better.

In freshmen Brandon Rush and Julian Wright, the Jayhawks have two very talented players – "difference-makers" I like to call them. Both are future all-leaguers and perhaps All-Americans.

In a Big 12 that appears to have just one elite team (Texas), the Jayhawks will battle for a top-three finish and could be a team on the rise come tournament time.