KU - CU Postgame thoughts

This team is starting to come together, and I like what I see. Not everyone shows up every night, but someone seems to step up and play well to fill the gaps. Last night, it was Moody and Jackson who emerged while Giles and Wright got limited minutes. They played well in those minutes, but Moody and Jackson were producing. As long as there are no chemistry problems that result from this, I'm happy with it. Mario Chalmers is starting to show what kind of player he is. Ironically, he may become a better 1 guard by playing more 2 guard. I think a lot of it is just his getting comfortable on the court.

Any road win in the Big 12 this year is a good win. If we take care of business at home, which I think we will, we'll be 9-7 in the conference without any other road wins. I think we'll pick up at least one more road win and possibly 2-3, which makes going 11-5 or 12-4 in the conference very realistic in my mind.

Yesterday, I noted in the comments that KU was ranked 6th in the nation in Pomeroy's "last five games ranking," which is a great measure of how well a team is plpaying right now. After last night's win, they're ranked 3rd, after only Texas and Duke. Take it for what you will. I take it to justify my continued optimism about this team.

We are going to be hard to beat in March. Any time you lead the nation in FG% defense, you will be a hard team to beat. We held Colorado to 22 points below their season average. It was Colorado, mind you, but I don't think a lot of North teams will win as easily there as we will. We'll see.

Another solid with for the baby Hawks. If we can run KSU and Mizzou, I think we'll be in fine fine shape to finish the season strong.