Cole Aldrich Recruiting Update

PB reader Peter sends in this update

6'11 C Cole Aldrich, junior, Bloomington Jefferson - committed to Kansas - ( #8)

Aldrich was the guy that many people came to watch. Given his lofty standing in the national recruiting rankings and his early commitment to Kansas, one could call him the top prospect in the state of Minnesota. The first thing you notice about Aldrich is his jaw-dropping frame. He's not a millimeter short of 6'11, and weighs at least 250 pounds. This is a guy that would be playing on the line of a football team somewhere if he wasn't 6'11. Keep in mind, some kids of this size are all flab at the high school level. Aldrich is as muscular as they come.

The results within the game weren't as stunning. Aldrich is rarely involved in the offense, as the Jefferson coaches utilize a perimeter-oriented system. He only took 6 shots on the afternoon, and the majority of those were on offensive rebounds (there was also a crowd-raising fast break dunk). Aldrich still needs a lot of work with his stamina and conditioning, as he was forced to go to the bench a bit more regularly than Jefferson certainly would have liked. Nonetheless, Aldrich made a major impact on this game. Keaton Nankavil is a 6'8 fellow member of the 2007 top 100, and he might as well have been 6'2. He really bothered Nankavil in the second half, emphatically blocking several of his shots.

In the end, it is clear that Aldrich is very much a talented work in progress. The light bulb is just now coming on in regards to post offense, and he will have to run the floor quite a bit better at Kansas. Nevertheless, Cole Aldrich has the size that was rarely seen on a college court before the age limit. There will be few in even the Big Twelve that will be able to keep him from doing whatever he wants in the paint. As the skill and mentality come along, Aldrich has a chance to be a very special player.