Micah Downs Quits KU's team

According to the Star:

"Yes it's true," Downs said. "No offense to you, but I'm not going to comment any further. Coach (Bill) Self has been really cool about this situation and we agreed that I wouldn't make any comment other than what's in the press release."

Sounds like a done deal to me. I imagine this year was tough on him, but I hate to see things end like this.


Here are some press release highlights from the LJW:

"It is unfortunate that Micah's tenure as a Kansas basketball player only lasted one semester," said KU coach Bill Self in an issued statement Tuesday afternoon. "Micah has decided to go home to resolve some personal issues. We wish Micah and his family the best."

Downs said he needed to address some personal issues back home.

"I apologize to my former teammates and coaches for leaving at mid-year," Downs said in the statement. "I feel I can best deal with some personal problems closer to home that have been weighing on me over the last few months. I wish KU the best the rest of the season."

Downs' father, Steve, said the reason for his son's decision to tranfer was not basketball-related.

"Our family appreciates the treatment of Micah by the Kansas coaches, players and administration," he said. "This is not a basketball issue. At this time in his life, being closer to home will hopefully enable Micah to resolve some of his issues. We thank Kansas for its support and wish them the best of luck."

I don't think this is a Bill Self thing.


Watch this video and tell me this is not a Micah Downs thing.