Micah going to Gonzaga

As many have anticipated, at least according to 810 WHB, Micah Downs will be a Gonzaga Bulldog. More as I get it, but if there are any legs to this story, I'm sure you'll be hearing about it soon enough. In the fullness of time as it is said. Paint me naive again regarding those personal problems that weren't basketball related if this is true.

UPDATE: I added this to the comments section, but I thought others might be interested:

I don't thing enrolling is tantamount to playing for them immediately. It may, at this point, be a hedge bet to enroll to try to preserve eligibility. And naturally, it would make sense to enroll at a potential destination.

Don't know if you read this article in the LJW that discussed the complications that Downs would face regarding his impulsive departure:

Should KU release Downs, he won't lose his sophomore season. From there, the best-case scenario is that Downs could suit up and play second semester of the 2006-07 season. However, given the unusual timing of Downs' departure, he likely won't be able to suit up in an NCAA game until the 2007-08 season.

Downs has to sit out two semesters, and unless he goes to a junior college, his down time has to be while enrolled full-time at his next school. Current KU sophomore and USC transfer Rodrick Stewart did this when he began taking classes last January and became eligible to play last month -- after his second semester at Kansas wrapped up.

By enrolling now in a likely destination, I believe he'll be eligible a year from now. I think he'll have to jump through some hoops though with KU in order to be granted a release.

As I understand it, he left without dropping his classes or even picking up his room. We'll see how it plays out, but I think he'll end up a Zag if he has indeed enrolled there).

I can't tell if it's too late for him to have enrolled. This link provides some insight as to that and I welcome any insight that anyone cares to provide.


A moderator from a Gonzaga message board confirms (to the extent that you can confirm such meaningless speculation):

There are conditions that Micah will have to stick to before he gets a scholarship at Gonzaga, and he has agreed to them and understands them. If he proves himself to the conditions, he'll get a ride for next year and beyond. Fwiw, David Burgess is not on scholarship, either, until he proves himself, albeit a different kind of proving himself than Micah.

In short, the law has been layed down and must be abided by, or else.....

His personal issues make it understandable that he wants to be closer to home and away from Kansas. I can't and won't divulge details but it's safe to say that he has left behind a major piece of baggage that followed him to Lawrence.

Micah will be eligible mid- to late-December if everything works out here. You'll see him Saturday in K2.

UPDATE 3: Hate to rely so heavily on message boards for more information here, but the latest twist in the increasingly strange story of Micah Downs comes courtesy of BobZag, the same above-mentioned moderator who provided our last update. Color me a litte tired of all of the "damn drama" to borrow *natty*'s words, but I'll just put this on your plate and you can decide if you wants to eat it.

Re: Micah Downs - a silly question He's here and we'll all see him Saturday at the game.

A couple things:

His transfer had NOTHING to do with his girlfriend.

His transfer had NOTHING to do with PT.

If what happened to his family happened in your family, many of you would want to leave, too, and be closer to your Mom. Most know that his Dad was a problem and moved to Lawrence to be with Micah. Well, Dad is still in Lawrence, he's the only one. Now Micah is free of him which is a good thing.

So what appeared once to be a Micah pendulum, swinging somewhere between no PT and lonely for girl, is now a Micah triangle.


The Star is saying Gonzaga as well (with the caveat that it's just a rumor), as are a few other journo-sources who haven't yet gone to print with it. Here's the Star's blurb:

The scuttlebutt on Wednesday was that Downs is attempting to transfer to Gonzaga, where he'd probably be eligible to play beginning in January of 2007. Meanwhile, Robinson has the place all to himself - again. Robinson's roommate last season, Alex Galindo, transferred to Florida International over the summer.

UPDATE 5: The Seatte Post-Intelligencer quotes Micah's dad as saying Micah's looking at either Washington or Gonzaga.

UPDATE 6: The PI is getting much closer to saying that Micah's going to be a Zag, but that he must walk-on at present, as Gonzaga has no free scholarships.

My question: how can a kid who has evidently struggled for money afford a school that costs over $30,000 a year to attend?