Slim Shady to Visit KU on Unofficial

Darrell Arthur, known by the moniker "Slim Shady," KU's #1 basketball recruiting target right now, is planning a trip to KU. He was quoted as saying:

"I am planning on visiting Kansas for an upcoming game," he said. "Probably sometime next month, although I don't have a game picked out yet."

Arthur has, as most of you know, already exhausted his official visits. Although quiet about his leanings, he has narrowed his college choice down to two: KU and Indiana. Arthur took in the Duke v. Indiana game in Bloomington on an unofficial. It was rumored that he might try to come to the KU v. Kentucky game, but that didn't work out.

This interview, reported by Russ Blake of New York Insider for, contains some other interesting quotes.

"My top two are Indiana and Kansas," he said. "I've been watching Kansas my whole life, especially when Keith Langford was there."

"I like how Indiana has put their basketball program together," he added.

Hopefully, the Phog Phanatics will show Slim Shady a Phun time!