This Is Not Your Father's Oldsmobile

What is it that used to keep the Hawks from attaining their goals in the post season? In fact,often caused us to be a laughingstock as we blew No. 1 Seed after No. 1 Seed? 1. Quick, heady guards who could penetrate the lane with ease for layups (their own or some otherwise mediocre big man's) and hit the 3 all day;

2. A steady diet of big men who would simply push our inside players around for rebounds, follow shots and inside position; and

3. Pathetic free throw shooting–especially under pressure.

Bill Self has put together a team that appears to be capable of handling all three of these problems. We have the best perimeter D I have seen at KU, with the possible exception of Valentine, Douglas, and Johnson. And WE have the guards who can penetrate and dish or score.

We have enough big, strong, athletic players, with enough fouls to give, to keep the opponent's big men from pushing us around inside. We might be outplayed to an extent inside, but we will not be dominated. Even the best frontcourts that can be thrown at us will have to work hard for everything they get.

And we can put five 70% FT shooters on the court in the end game.

Not that we will the NC this year–we still have 2 problems: (1) Inside players who have serious trouble finishing within 3 feet of the basket; and (2) experience in big game (I mean bigger than A&M and ISU) situations.

The latter will take care of itself.

As for the former, add a little moxie and efficiency by CJ, DJ, and K, and next year, we will have the best of all possible worlds–we will have the edge on everybody we play both inside and out. And having a natural point guard won't hurt either. Why didn't Roy ever put this team together? I think this team could get an 8 or 9 Seed and take out a 1. Fortunately, I don't expect us to be an 8 or 9 Seed.

I also think we are now at the apex of the coaching triangle.