ESPN loving on the Jayhawks

Even though ESPN has made pretty much everything pay-per-view in the last year or so, their stuff is still worth checking out from time to time. Today is Jayhawk love day, or perhaps Jayhawk lust day. Sunday will determine whether it was more than just a twinkle in the eye of Disney/ABC/ESPN/Pixar.

First, Pat Forde says that the 'Hawks are on the rise:

Ready to rise: Kansas (9). Record now: 14-6, 5-2. Projected record heading into postseason: 21-8, 12-4. The Jayhawks haven't learned how to close out a close game -- their record in games decided by single digits is a gruesome 0-5 -- but that should change this month, as Bill Self's talented baby birds continue to grow up.

And second, we actually appear to be close to hitting the Power 16. That will be the day.