Whitlock Gushes About the Jayhawks

The KC Star's much-maligned Jason Whitlock may have finally gotten over his love affair with Roy Williams. It appears that the baby Jayhawks have warmed his icy heart, and he couldn't help but give 'em some love. In his recent editorial, Jayhawks Will Elevate the Big 12, he gushes:

"Yes, I called the six-loss Jayhawks national-title contenders. And I'm not overreacting to Monday's thumping of the awful Texas Tech Red Raiders. Kansas has played one bad game - a home loss to Kansas State - since losing to St. Joseph's on Dec. 6."

Whitlock also prognosticates that KU may raise the Big 12 to the level of 'power conference,' rivaling the Big 10 - and do it this season.

Welcome home, Jason.