College Basketball Ratings update

I'll get links to the new top 25 poll as soon as they're live, but I thought I would post links to some of the power rankings that are looking quite favorably on the Hawks. Caveat Emptor, I'm pointing out the 'predictive' type rankings which tend to minimize the win/loss factor. However, ratings gurus agree that the predictive stats are typically a better measure of how a team is playing right now. Pomeroy has us 14th over all, 5th in the last 5 games, and 4th in the country in both efficiency and pythagorean winning percentage.

That's not bad. It may not be entirely accurate, but these ratings are, as I said, normally a better measure than ratings which weigh the W/L's more, especially when a team has had a lot of close games, like KU has. And remember Gregg Doyel's suggestion about the RPI, which has a fetish with W/L:

But Arizona's RPI is No. 18: True. But Arizona is 13-9. The RPI should be pushed into a half-empty bottle of ginger ale and thrown into the Baltic Sea.

Moving on...

Dolphin's predictive rating has KU ranked 5th in the nation.

Sagarin's Pure Points, which he himself says are the best way of predicting future outcomes, has KU 9th in the country.

The Dunkel Index, which says it's the most accurate since 1929, has KU 6th, but I should note that as I provide this link, they haven't yet updated to include last week's games (TT and OU).

If anyone knows of any other power ratings, send them my way. Again, I'll add the actual top 25 rankings once they become available.


KU is ranked in neither the AP nor the ESPN/USAToday poll. And yet somehow, Colorado maintains its position despite getting shellacked by Iowa State yesterday.

UPDATE 2: Not everybody in the media is missing the Jayhawk train's passing them by - Keith Whitmire at the Dallas Morning News has this to say:

The Jayhawks have the quickness, size and talent to match up with Texas, and they might even have more depth than the Longhorns. However, Kansas started three freshmen and two sophomores against Oklahoma.

With that much youth, it's hard to envision the Jayhawks beating Texas or Oklahoma without an Allen Fieldhouse crowd to lift them when adversity strikes. But at the rate this Kansas team is maturing, anything is possible.

UPDATE 3: We're up to a 6 seed in the latest Bracketology.

UPDATE 4: We slide in at number 24 in Frank Burlison of's rankings.