Uncertainty Continues for Mike Davis, Darrell Arthur

The NY Times commented yesterday on the hoops situation at Indiana, and stressed the continued instability of Mike Davis' job. As the following excerpt reveals, the stupidity of Indiana's fans and athletic department may still result in Darrell Arthur suiting up in blue and crimson next season.

Davis's problems can be encapsulated in an encounter that took place before his team lost Nov. 30 to Duke, which was No. 1 at the time. Davis sat on a couch in the coach's office just off the court. On another couch were the recruit Darrell Arthur, Arthur's mother and his adviser, Jazzy Hartwell. Hartwell said that Arthur liked Indiana, but wanted the university to make a commitment to Davis.

I feel for Davis, but the relevance of Darrell Arthur to next year's Jayhawk juggernaut gives the Indiana situation a sordid appeal.