UAB's Anderson to replace Snyder at Mizzou?

This is the first I've heard of it, but Tom Kensler at the Denver Post had the following to say about the QSS (Quin Snyder Situation):

The rumor going around Columbia is that Alabama-Birmingham's Mike Anderson is already pegged as Snyder's successor.

Jayhawks may remember Mike Anderson getting T'd up a few years ago during a KU blowout after UAB's surprising upset over Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.

While you're looking for rumors, do check out Kensler's mid-season awards for the Big 12. There's some pretty good stuff there.

We've always half-joked about Mizzou picking up Bob Huggins as its next coach. Anderson would be out of left field, but his 40 minutes of hell offense would certainly bring some entertaining games to the B12 North.

Anyone else hearing this?